Our team of professional developers  have worked closely together for many years and we thoroughly know each other, and understand each other’s strong and weak points.

Our services cover the full spectrum of software development from functional and user interaction design all the way to deployment and release management. Using the latest technologies, we can supply the project management environment, source control, automatic build and test services.

Kees KleimeerKees Kleimeer

Tel: +31630834030

In the almost 20 years that I have worked as a software developer, project manager and front-end developer I have attained a particular interest in Content Management Systems and Natural User Interfaces.

My work can be descripted as thoughtful, analytical and driven. Combined with my communication skills and outgoing personality this makes me a real team player.

I see and make connections quickly and can easily translate customer requirements into software solutions. I like to work independently within a team and always strive for the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

20150501_bwPieter-Bas IJdens

Tel: +31653425060

I am an experienced software architect, software developer and scrum master. With almost 20 years of work experience in IT, I have had the chance to work with a great variety of companies and technologies, ranging from embedded systems to enterprise Java. The last few years my focus has been mainly on the .NET platform and the Azure cloud.

As a software architect in the world of agile development, I am always trying to look one step ahead, in order to make the right choices early on and to prevent re-work later. I believe software products can only truly be successful if they are maintainable, flexible, and well-tested.

Daniëlle van Diermen

Tel: +31644104408

In 2008 I’ve made the switch to ICT and haven’t regretted that decision. My main focus is quality assurance, making sure the software we deliver is well-tested. Besides testing the software I focus on the financials and Human Resources for 25More.

I’m very enthusiastic and driven and very happy to work with such a great team of software developers.