At 25more we believe the best software is created by a well oiled-team. Our team of professional developers have worked closely together for many years and we thoroughly know each other, and understand each other’s strong and weak points. We can start up immediately, right after the word go and be productive from day one.

Our team is deployed when a company has the need to build (part of) a software product and lacks the knowledge or resources for the project. Our services cover the full spectrum of software development from functional and user interaction design all the way to deployment and release management. Using the latest technologies, we can supply the project management environment, source control, automatic build and test services.

25more realizes your software product in close cooperation with you as a business partner. We call this co-makership, a close partnership that leads to a successful product design, software development and the full product lifecycle management.

We share the risk with you

Our unique business model makes sure we co-invest in the development of the software product. We charge our work at a relatively low hourly rate. Our profit comes from a share in your license sales. This model has a couple of advantages:

  1. Commitment. The better the product, and the longer we are involved, the more profit for you and us.
  2. Costs. Our low hourly rate simply saves you money in the beginning of your product development. You will pay us a share from license sales, sure, but that’s when you are starting to make money from the product.
  3. Product development. We are a product development team by heart. We don’t get our profit from working longer hours or extending the project. So, we understand the product needs to get out there, as soon as possible and as good as it gets.

We bring knowledge to the table you can use

We’ve been in the software product market for many years and have a great track record in product development. We know what works and what not and can help you in making the best decisions for your product. We only use proven technology, technology that we understand and we live and breath by. Inheritably we keep improving the product and will continuously strive for the best quality assurance of the product.

We are a flexible resource and a support pool of experts

We don’t stop at developing the product. We know that supporting the product is as important as developing it. So, you can count on us when it is time to support your users. Typically we handle the second line support for your customers: you will be the first point of contact. This is by design, as we understand that providing support is also a very valuable sales tool for your product and company.

We help you to develop your business plan

We can help you determine where the product should go in the next few years. We proactively will provide you with feedback, ideas, new market opportunities that we see and new technology that may be used in your product. We’ll brainstorm with you about the roadmap for the product and can provide you with (technical) white papers, sales support, demos and support your at product workshops for your customers. We can create awesome code, but there’s more to professional software development than knowing your C# from your Java. We understand that and will help wherever we can.

We shorten your time to market and startup costs

Our team is very experienced and pretty damn good. This means that the typical product development time lines are shorter than with other teams. This means a shorter time to market and lower startup costs for your product. Obviously there is investment to be done, but with our speed, quality and unique business model we can make the birth of your new product as painless as it gets.

We identify and mitigate risks in development and business planning

We will proactively identify and mitigate risks that we see in the product and your business. Remember, if you and the product are doing well, the better off we are (remember our business model?). So, there is every incentive for us to address potential problems that we see and might be able to help you in solving.